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Pirelli introduces new Diablo Rosso Corsa sport tire at Milan EICMA show


The latest sport motorcycle tire from Pirelli intended to span both street and track usage As Pirelli gains more knowledge and experience as the spec tire manufacturer for the World Superbike Championship, that technology continues to trickle down to its street-oriented production rubber for sale to the general public. The latest example of that racing development is the company’s new Diablo Rosso Corsa tire that was unveiled at the Milan EICMA show. Intended as a replacement for the Diablo Corsa III tire that debuted back in ‘06, the new Diablo Rosso Corsa is said to exceed its predecessor’s performance in key areas such as overall mileage and grip in both dry and wet conditions. The new Pirelli is credited with three design patents, the foremost being Enhanced Patch Technology (EPT), derived from the company’s extensive WSBK experience for an optimized contact patch area at all lean angles on road and track, providing rider confidence and effective power transfer to the ground in any riding condition. EPT is complemented by the “III zones compound” rear tire, with a new compound in the middle section offering better mileage; ample shoulder zone compound is straight from the WSBK arena. The Diablo Rosso Corsa’s tread pattern includes a slick-like area on the rear shoulders while the tread grooves are selectively concentrated in the centre and shoulders. The aggressive tread design results in quick warm-up and consistent water drainage for great control on wet surfaces.

The Diablo Rosso Corsa will be available on the European market starting in January 2010, with initial sizing beginning with: front 120/70ZR17, along with rear 160/60ZR17 (April 2010), 180/55ZR17, and 190/50ZR17 as well as the 190/55ZR17 size.

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