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Mitas enduro trail motorcycle tyre with E-10 tread pattern


MITAS has come up with its latest E-10 tread pattern which has been developed for universal enduro tyres. It is unique in its excellent self-cleaning and outstanding steering control on soft and hard surfaces. The result of this completely new approach to tread construction is a tyre with exceptional qualities both on asphalt and also on less well-maintained roads. Tyres with this tread can also be used in less severe off-road conditions. 

With its exceptional adaptability the tyre can be used on many surfaces: on sand in desert races or for riding on asphalt. The tread layout on the contact surface not only improves traction on terrain but also gives excellent stability at high speeds on the road.
When cornering, handling is firm coming into the corner with a stable follow-through and outstanding control during the turn. The tyre’s excellent tread wear properties over a wide range of uses and excellent adaptability under various loads means the E-10 tread is the ideal choice both for long-journeys or trips into the “wilderness”.        

The E-10 tread comes in two new packages this year:
110/80 B19 M/C 59T E-10 TL for front wheels and 150/70 B17 M/C 69T E-10 TL for rear wheels.

By the end of 2010 the range should be extended with more sizes which will continue into 2011:
90/90B21M/C 54H E-10 TL (front) and 140/80B17M/C 69T E-10 TL, 140/80B18 M/C 70T E-10 TL, 150/70B18M/C 70T E-10 TL (rear).

Technical data for the E-10 tread is available in the Mitas Motorcycle Tyres technical catalogue.  
All sizes will only be produced as tubeless with speed category T (up to 190 km/h). Thanks to its parameters, the E-10 tread design is one of the most technically advanced products of its time in its segment.  

The target of MITAS a.s. is for all the motorcycle tyres it produces to be sought-after products because of their quality, durability and price.