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MotoX test motocross tyres


The MotoX magazine  has tested in the issue 136, September 09/2011  motocross tyres for stone.

"For really hard, hard ground, it is not easy to find a tire that provides the necessary grip, has a good shelf life, easy to install as possible and it is still priced in the green range. Selecting the right tire can be the outcome of a race to decide, because at almost the same skill level between two tenths of a competitor often decide who will be achieved not least through a good tire.

Many amateur riders look around on the international race in the paddock and see what the stars tires mounted on their rims are, and act accordingly. There may well be that it is not a tire on the market is because the big teams often receive material that is only tested long before the dealer on the shelf. What many do not know is that manufacturers offer, for example, the GP pilot various rubber mixtures of the same profile on different surfaces which can be very helpful for the drivers.

Joe Bloggs comes but rarely in the enjoyment to be able to test different tire compounds, and here you have to decide primarily on the type of tire and the tire. In addition, not everyone with the same tires as well get along, are fundamental to individual driving styles: one strain tends to be more forward and the others behind, the result is a varying level of grip. Nevertheless, there was naturally a direction for the tire choice that you just turn on very hard surfaces. But as can be seen as a layman a tire for hard surface? Of course, the tire is labeled. Each manufacturer uses a specific identification, the numbers are often combined with a letter. But even here one must know itself again. Otherwise, draw a hard floor tires have relatively large tunnels that are close together. He has a large bearing area and is well suited for concrete-like surfaces. In addition, one might think that a tire for hard floor in his compound would be hard, but this is a fallacy. The mixture should be of the rubber tends to be soft, which means you should the studs by hand can bend a little. Is not the case, you will probably have to contend with lack of grip.

To give you something to help on the jumps, we could test the standard tires, which are included for hard ground, and of ten producers have gathered their advantages and disadvantages here for you.
Our test results will certainly be helpful to you, the agony of choice is up to you eventually anyway. "

Motorradreifen: MICHELINMichelin - MH3
"The Michelin "MH3" for the rear offers solid performance on a harder surface and is also suitable for medium-well ground. For all hard floor, he is not quite optimal, where he also offers a decent performance there. However, if there is blue on the track, he is not an absolute top candidate. The same applies to the front "MH3" Harten ground tires can handle this well, but rather less concrete-like conditions. The Michelin "MH3" are good all-rounder, if the soil conditions are not very hard nor very soft. For really hard ground, we recommend the relatively unknown in Germany "HP4" for front and back, if you want to race the Michelin tires. This has put close together and arranged in cleats and should have a better contact area and provide more grip on firm ground as the "MH3". For our purposes, we test these tires were unfortunately not available. "

Motorradreifen: DUNLOPDunlop - Geomax MX 71 / MX 71 F
"The Dunlop tires are characterized by densely arranged together and large studs. Thus they provide an effective contact area. On hard ground, both tires work really well. For concrete-like conditions, one gets the feeling that the tires stuck to the floor. It is somewhat soft, they should be treated with caution. Especially the front one is not very versatile. For a hard surface, you can only go wrong with the rubber from Dunlop but really nothing. The shelf life is solid, both tires go off smoothly and offer even with round studs still a very good overall performance. "

Shinko Holeshot H.T. 505 / H.T. 504
"The tire looks of it visually suitable for hard ground, which is also confirmed in our test. Due to the large contact area, it actually delivers very good grip in a long and good life. The tire wears evenly and at the end of life, he also achieved another good performance. The price is settled slightly higher, but it is for hard surface is an absolute top candidate! The "H.T. 504 "is the perfect counterpart to the well functioning of Shinko rear tire. This is relatively not as optimal as its rear partner as far as the grip levels.
To a certain point but also offers very good grip of these tires, but you cross that point, he slips off rather abruptly. Under braking, it provides a very good performance, the same goes for life. "

Motorradreifen: PIRELLIPirelli - Scorpion MX Hard 486
"Pirelli, with its "Scorpion MX Hard 486" a solid performance for a very hard surface. The rear tire is not a super top candidates, as far as the grip level is, but absolutely in the green zone. With this tire, there are no unexpected surprises, it is always good to control and predictable. The front copy offers through its many tunnels and the resulting large contact surface is very good grip grip on blue danger underground. In such circumstances it is with the "Scorpion MX Hard 486" served very well, but we must be careful when the soil is slightly moist. Both the front and the rear to have a good shelf life and are normal with respect to assembly. "

Pirelli - Scorpion MX MidHard 554
" The "Scorpion MX MidHard 554" from Pirelli is quite new to the market. Solely by the arrangement of the tunnel is expected a decent performance tire pair. As the gums would perform the test, we can not say, as the pair of tires has arrived too late for us. However, we do not want you this new pair of tires withheld. Maybe you should convince yourself of the performance, because judging from the profile should provide the tires on hard surfaces for a solid grip. "

Kenda Carlsbad K772 / Budds Creek K774
"The special feature of the rear Kenda, is that it can be driven by two sides. In one direction, the rubber compound is designed for hard ground, in the other direction for the medium. In the test we have noticed slight deficits when accelerating, there swims a little and the tire does not build optimum grip. Otherwise, he is still fairly solid, especially in terms of durability. The "Carlsbad K772" goes off smoothly and we could not complain even breaking out the tunnels. The front Kenda is not the appropriate counterpart to the rear, visually it is more like an enduro tire. The "K774 Budds Creek" has such a large contact area that you must spend a little when turning even more force to get the bike into the curve! In lean and slightly softer ground he is not the right choice, though, this tire offers excellent grip on sections with no dust and debris, especially under braking. "

Mefo - SX Master / MX Master
"The Mefo "SX Master" is produced in Germany and has no direction. The mounting of the tire problems, which suggests a tendency to soft compound. In practice, provides the "SX master" level of grip, which is located in the middle of our comparison. He has no super grip, slip away but not too abruptly, so that a controlled regime possible. The shelf life is also mediocre. The leading partner of Mefo "MX Master", is less suitable for very hard soil. He has comparatively very high and rough tunnel, which speaks for a mixed soil tends to tire. Also falls from the test result: In passages that are slightly soft, the tire has enough grip on very hard ground he slips away fairly quickly. The "MX Master" has a good shelf life, but you should really make use of hard surface for an alternative, if you're on a good level of grip. It is worth mentioning that the "Master MX" front tire has an e-mark and thus is also approved for the road. "

Goldentyre - GT 523 Rocky / GT 216 HB AA
"The "GT 523 Rocky" is not really suitable for amateur riders, as there is a tire that is designed only for competitions. He provides solid grip on a limited shelf life of one to a maximum of two races. Then you have to necessarily take a new copy on the rim. The front tire "GT AA HB 216" does not visually observed from the ground like a real hard tires, but he appears in the test with a good level of grip and durability. There is an optimal grip on the blue-ridden places, but the tire tends to be an "all rounder" and all very well controllable and predictable. The carcass of the tire is reinforced by GoldenTyre Kevlar, which is both designed the installation more difficult, but also brings other benefits. Thus, for example, a penetration tube bursts and almost impossible thing of the past. "

Maxxis - Maxx Cross IT
"Both tires have a discreet mounting, one direction need not be observed during assembly. Back is achieved with the Maxxis tire-good solid grip on life. The tire rides on fairly uniformly and in worn condition still good grip and high controllability. For very many years of use on hard ground, unfortunately, catch some break the studs. Until it gets that far, it is operated with the rear "Maxx Cross IT" on hard floor still pretty good. The front pendant also has good grip, what's going to be a little at the expense of durability. The tunnels tend to be early round, anyway, the front "Maxx Cross IT" because of his grip performance is a good choice. "

Maxxis - Maxx Cross SX
"For a very hard ground, like we had him in our test conditions, the back is" "not ideal. Although he offers on various substrates a solid performance in our hard-floor test, which showed the route similar to concrete states, was the worn tires quickly and had also unfortunately a little early stud failure. the Grip ranks up there in the solid midfield. the front tire is just like the rear non-directional and is unobtrusive with respect to the assembly. has in terms of grip and durability of its rear partner front ahead of some . Due to the large, square studs he has a good bearing surface and good grip on firm ground. in addition it offers with its long side gallery a great cornering stability. "

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